1. Two books can be issued to a member for a maximum period of 10 days.
2. Books can be renewed once for a period of 10 days.
3. An overdue fine of Rs. 1/- per day will be levied after the due date until the book is returned.
4. Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Directories, Newspapers, Periodical and any other books or publications etc. declared as ‘Reference Books’ are not available on loan.
5. Visitors coming from outside (Aizawl) members of transferable and temporary services and Military Officers are required at the discretion of the Librarian to deposit the value of the books in addition to proper personal surety approved by the librarian.
6. Before leaving the counter, member shall satisfy himself that the book lent to him is in good condition. If not, he shall immediately bring the matter to the notice of the person issuing book at the counter, otherwise, he will be held responsible for damage or mutilation of the book.
7. All persons while leaving the library must show their books and other belongings to the Counter Attendant at the exit to check if the books lent have been properly issued.
8. Government Offices may borrow books and other publications for official use. Requisition for such books or publication must be made. Loan period should normally be 14 days, but the Librarian may at his discretion extend the period, provided application for extension of loan period is made before the due date. The maximum period should not exceed three months.
9. In case a book is lost, the book shall be replaced with the same copy or pay a fine equal to the value of the book, otherwise membership shall be terminated and security deposit shall be forfeited.
10. At the time of Stock verification the issue of books will remain entirely closed and notice for such time will be published in Mizoram Gazette for the information of the public.